Happy Kids is an NGO, school and orphanage that provides housing and schooling for orphans and underprivileged children in the rural region of Wegbe, Ghana. Despite originally being the region's most struggling facility, Happy Kids has grown tremendously in the last four years, and we continue to make progress. The children at Happy Kids are among the happiest, most hopeful group of dreamers you will ever meet. They are smart, determined, and consider the orphanage to be their home and their friends to be brothers and sisters.

Through continually improved infrastructure, innovative programming, education and skills training, we aim to transform Happy Kids into a model facility where the children can thrive. In order to do this, we need your help. 

Urgent Projects

The Internet Cafe
We have a fully functioning Internet Cafe for the orphanage, getting us one step closer to sustainability.
Girls Empowerment & Skills Training
Help us supply the girls with invaluable sewing skills training and the orphanage with it's first sustainable income.
The Food Program
The basis for a healthy, successful life is a healthy diet.

Recent Programs

  • The Dormitory Project
    The completion of a large, two-roomed dormitory building in the summer of 2010 drastically transformed the lives of all the Happy Kids.